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  1. Hello Patrick,

    I just read your article on ant consumption and the benefits from it. I first learned of eating ants while I attended the USAF Survival School in the 1980s. The instructors informed us that ants have citrus in them, and they can help fight off scurvy. One thing they emphasized was to remove the head first before placing them in your mouth otherwise they may use their pinchers on the way down. Anyway, I enjoyed your article!

    1. Survival school sounds rough but cool at the same time. I see the point of removing the head, I guess it’s why I see people eating ants abdomen first.

      Also read up a bit on ants fighting off scurvy, turns out sailors used to eat them for that very purpose. Very interesting! I think I’ll add a section about that in the article so thanks!

      Finally, I’m happy that you enjoyed reading. I’m already glad that someone read the article, much more so that it’s appreciated. Thanks again!

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